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February 12, 2003 -- ONG President Sam Combs told the Oklahoma Corporation Commission

"Our business is gas delivery, not gas sales."

ONG is not allowed by tariff regulations to profit from natural gas sales. It makes economic sense for ONG to deflect some gas expenses to more efficient 3rd party gas supply.

Large-volume natural gas customers have long profited from the ability to buy gas from non-utility suppliers and pay ONG a transportations-only rate to the point of consumption.

Since 2003, ONG has encouraged qualified smaller-volume natural gas customers to take advantage of the available savings by buying from non-utility gas suppliers. ONG promotes 3rd party supply of natural gas to help customers save money

UR Services

delivers natural gas via ONG's existing supply system at a significant savings and is free of applicable riders and fees that ONG charges.

serves small and large commercial and industrial customers in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas

provides an EFM funding plan, on-line electronic gas monitoring, nomination services, scheduling services, and gas load balancing to save customers money.

invoices reflect customer's monthly and accumulated savings on gas supplies by compared with ONG's published costs per Dth during the same period of time.

offers an EFM funding plan, which allows customers to use gas savings to pay for required EFM, instead of spending cash. The customer will continue paying ONG published rates each month during the repayment period, and then switch to lower rates after EFM debt is retired.

savings programs include:

Index + premium pricing
Fixed pricing program for base loads
Shared savings program
Guaranteed 10% savings

EFM Equipment
(Electronic Flow Measurement)

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